Happy Day of Music

Hello Everyone, today is the day — our 3rd Annual Day of Music in Fullerton! It’s the celebration that we share with over 700 cities around the world!

We’ve as organizers have put a lot of effort, blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen. We certainly hope you all enjoy it and make sure to share it with all your friends!

With that said, please be respectful of all the venues by picking up all your trash and abiding by the Good Neighbor Policy. Stay hydrated — it’s going to be super hot (hey, first day of summer!). Don’t pass out.

Alright, peruse all the lineups and start plotting your schedule of who to see today. Happy Day of Music!

You can find our mass appeal, features, and lineup schedules here:


You can find the other venue lineups here:


Here’s a cool guide to some of our highlights today by OC Weekly:

15 Must-See Concerts, Happenings and Acts at Day of Music Festival 2017