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Day of Music Fullerton is free and open to the public. In order to make this happen we need your help!

Day of Music Fullerton is a volunteer-organized event and thrives on the support of our community. As Day of Music Fullerton enters its 3rd year, all the costs associated with producing this awesome, free music festival is currently funded by our benevolent organizers and generous donors. Help us produce YOUR festival by being a sponsor today.

What does it cost and where does the money go? The cost of bringing more than 150 free concerts to over 40 venues across Fullerton in one day is roughly $25,000. Less, we like to say, than the cost of installing a traffic light. Far less.

The work of a small army of volunteers makes it possible to pull this off on such a limited budget, but unavoidable costs remain, including:

  • publicity and advertising
  • software development
  • insurance
  • event permits
  • security
  • trash management

Help us cover these costs, and be part of bringing the musical merriment to the summer solstice!

Day of Music Fullerton is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all contributions are 100% tax deductible. Email accounting@thedayofmusic.com for an official receipt of your sponsorship.


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